May 25, 2011 Counties:  Clark KY On the square, the tornado ripped the metal roofs off of Reflections Flower Shop and Liberty Furniture. Counties:  Clinton Path width:  400 yards There was other F1 damage to the roofs of farm buildings and homes. Counties:  Orange Path length:  2.3 miles June 23, 2017 Counties:  Harrison KY Injuries:  0 Originally, the head of the National Weather Service in Lexington, Jim Speray, claimed that the damage was done by a downburst rather than by a tornado, with winds of 100 to 200 mph. Counties:  Lincoln Notes:  Storm Data places this tornado west of Shepherdsville. Path length:  6 miles Deaths:  0 Time:  10:47pm Seventeen houses were damaged along Walnut Street from Fifteenth to Seventeenth Streets, a home was severely damaged near the corner of Madison and Thirteenth Streets, and a factory was damaged at the corner of Chestnut and Twelfth Streets. Continuing to the northeast, at a home east of Gaines Road the owner reported that the water was evacuated out of all four toilets in the building as the tornado passed by. Noted discrepancies:  Storm Data lists this and the following tornado as one. Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from the Kentucky State Fairgrounds in Louisville. Path width:  50 yards It traveled east over forested land, doing occasional damage to trees before it passed into Hardin County, 0.7 miles WSW of the U.S. Bullion Depository. Noted discrepancies:  SPC/NCDC list this as an F2, Grazulis does not list it. Path length: June 19, 2011 Deaths:  Path width:  40 yards Noted discrepancies:  Storm Data puts this tornado on Lincoln Park Road. Path width: F-scale:  F1 The tornado then weakened as it moved into southern Casey County where it damaged more trees, barns, and outbuildings. Path length:  15 miles Path length:  2 miles Ten cows were killed. F-scale:  F2 F-scale:  F2 Storm Data says a pole barn was reduced to rubble along IN 160 northwest of Charlestown. The park was badly damaged, just 12 days before the season's Opening Day. Injuries:  0 Three single-wide mobile homes near the intersection of Joyce Mill Road and Highway 625 were destroyed along with tree damage and downed power lines and poles. An outbuilding, previously used to make brooms, next to the house had significant damage when a large tree fell on top of it. May 2, 2006 Minimal F2. Snapping trees on the land adjacent to the hay and soybean fields, the tornado took a slight right turn, crossing KY 728, and destroyed a large barn. As many as eight people died in one home. The funnel may have been aloft over Fairfield. April 28, 1994 A total of 51 homes, 33 barns, three churches, four trailers, and 100 other buildings were destroyed, and fifty more homes had major damage. Path width:200 yards Time:  10:28pm Injuries:  15 Time:  1:00pm Deaths:  0 Counties:  Nelson Notes:  This deadly storm touched down near the intersection of Jefferson and Twentieth Streets, unroofing 21 buildings at the German Protestant Orphan Asylum. Time:  The Exposition Building and its skating rink were damaged. EF-scale:  EF0 Counties:  Orange, (Lawrence), Washington IN EF-Scale:  EF-1 EF-Scale:  EF1 Path width: Path length:  60 miles (probably a family of tornadoes) Deaths: 120 David L. Boren Blvd. Counties:  Jefferson KY Path width:  35 yards Grazulis' path length and width are probably more correct. Farther east on Webster Road another residence sustained significant roof, gutter, and siding damage. F-scale:  EF1 Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from northwest of Elizabethtown, destroying businesses as it passed two miles north of that town along the miracle mile strip on US 31W. Notes:  This small tornado did $500,000 damage to planes at Logan County Airport. Injuries:  0 Path width:  800 yards Counties:  Hancock Path width:  35 yards F-scale:  F2 SPC gives a path length of 20 miles...NCDC gives 21 miles...Grazulis give 29 miles. Grazulis Narrative:   Moved northeast from extreme northeast Fayette County, tearing apart four farms. EF-Scale:  EF-1 Deaths: April 4, 2011 A 500 gallon propane tank moved to the south 3 feet and became lodged against a grain storage building. Counties:  Washington IN In the Rockport and Echols area the tornado was up to a quarter mile wide. Road. Injuries:  2 Path length:  Less than 440 yards Lexington Weather Bureau meteorologist Dix Newtown felt it was straight-line wind damage at the time. Injuries: The tornado continued through rural and wooded sections of eastern Allen County, and crossed into Monroe County near Fountain Run. F-scale:  F1 A house on Base Line Road had its front porch ripped off and thrown over the house into the back yard. Two people were hospitalized. F-scale:  F1 F-scale:  F1 Path length:  3 miles Time:  2:25pm It damaged a few more barns and trees before lifting about half a mile southwest of Cynthiana. Notes:  Two dozen large trees were uprooted or snapped about two miles east of Connersville. A well-constructed and large factory building (Airgo Industries) was cleared to its foundation slab with numerous anchoring bolts bent in the direction of the storm. Injuries:  8 The end lat/lon given by NCDC for Shelby County is actually located in Henry County. Most tornado tracks were plotted as a continuous straight line between the beginning and ending points. Path width: Injuries:  0 Deaths: Path width: Deaths: Counties:  Garrard Notes: A large barn was destroyed. Lastly, the tornado struck a barn and several trees. Injuries: May 15, 1945 The same tornado once again touched down on the east side of main street at the State Farm Insurance agency and Citizens Union Bank. Path width: Damage to several large metal buildings, a large barn, and a radio tower were observed south of Jasper. Injuries:  15 Time:  6:04pm Noted discrepancies:  SPC, NCDC, and Grazulis give a time of 3:45pm...Storm Data says 4:45pm. Beyond that, slight damage was done to the Walnut Street Baptist Church (corner of Fourth Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard), and worshippers participating in Mass at the cathedral on Fifth Street were blown off their feet. Time:  11:54pm EDT March 28, 1997 Counties:  Clinton Trees and telephone poles were knocked down. May 30, 2004 Four homes, four trailers, and many outbuildings were destroyed. F-scale:  F2 The most concentrated damage was along Colville Road, down Endicott Lane, and over to the Steele Ford Road area. March 20, 1976 Marble sized hail was also reported. Jefferson County locations that were struck by the tornado or its parent thunderstorm included Orell, Greenwood Station, Kerrick Station, Blanton Station, Saint Helens, South park, Iroquois Park, and Senning's Park. Numerous outbuildings were damaged or destroyed. County:  Hardin Noted discrepancies:  There is a coding error in the SPC database here. Counties:  Trimble Injuries:  2 Counties:  Crawford Injuries: Path width:  200 yards EF-Scale:  EF0 Sheet metal from the barn was thrown over 300 yards, and some metal from the barn was 50 yards to the west. Path width:  100 yards SPC path length is only one mile, however. Deaths: Notes:  Numerous pine and cedar trees were uprooted or snapped and a few outbuildings were damaged. NSSL's Don Burgess provided storm intercept crews with live radar information via radio – and the term “nowcaster” was born. Time:  8:00pm Barns and the L&N roundhouse were flattened. Path width: Counties:  Logan A 4500 pound tractor was moved seven feet and a 16-foot trailer was wrapped around a tree. Path length:  1.4 miles F-scale:  F0 Path width: Path length: Path length: Path length:  1.7 mile Counties:  Green, Taylor Grazulis places this tornado at 7:20pm. Path length: F-scale:  F1 Path width:  50 yards Wind speeds at this point were 116 mph with a width of 250 yards. Injuries:  0 If you know where these places are or were, please let us know! EF-Scale:  EF1 F-scale:  F2 This seems odd, since the tornadoes were moving to the southeast, and Crawford and Harrison counties are directly southeast of Knox and Daviess counties. Noted discrepancies:  SPC lists a path width of 17 yards, NCDC and Storm Data list 50 yards. Trees were snapped and uprooted along US 68 throughout the path. Farther east, the tornado intensified again as it destroyed two double wide homes on Speith Road. SPC lat/lon ends the tornado southwest of Lexington, rather than northeast. This tornado immediately killed a woman as it destroyed her mobile home. Deaths: Injuries:  0 Time:  7:15pm Time:  3:30pm Path width:  75 yards Grazulis Narrative:   Moved northeast in and near Neafus, Steff, Spring Lick, Goffs, Short Creek, Staff, and Caneyville. The tornado increased in intensity as it moved to the northeast, and did extensive roof damage to two homes on the west side of Lucas Lane. Grazulis narrative:  Sixteen homes and 12 barns were damaged along the north edge of Shelbyville. Path width: Notes:  The National Weather Service in conjunction with Meade County Emergency Management has determined that an EF-0 tornado with maximum wind speeds of 75 mph briefly touched down just east of the Breckinridge/Meade county line in Meade county. Next, a 2-story house had some roof damage and a porch on the lee side of the house had a column fly out and land in a field 50 yards away. Deaths:  0 F-scale:  F2 It moved at 40 … Path length: Path length: January 19, 1928 Injuries: Two people, riding in a school bus, saw the tornado and took shelter in a nearby ditch. The first damage was to a farm on Lower Hunters Trace Road. Time:  6:07pm Path width: Path width: F-scale:  F0 Many buildings, homes, and trailers were severely damaged. There was also extensive structural damage on the east side of Henryville on North Front Street and Pennsylvania Street. Several different sources were used to compile this tornado catalogue. Shingles and yard decorations were thrown in various directions east of the house along with driveway gravel thrown in every direction. Deaths: Noted discrepancies:  None At the Mayhew and Pope Road intersection there was extensive softwood and hardwood tree damage, especially around the Harmony Missionary Baptist Church at 5226 Pope Road. Injuries: Will plot it as an F1. Path width:  150 yards Noted discrepancies:  None Using NCDC's lat/lons this comes out rather strange. Path length:  15.6 miles Narrative:  After damaging a farm one mile west of Charlestown, the tornado moved into the village. The tornado crossed into extreme northwest Clark County along and near Daisy Hill Road. November 9, 2000 County:  Oldham Counties:  Simpson, Warren, Barren Counties:  Franklin November 6, 2005 Path width: February 6, 2008 Time:  4:20am Path width: These tornadoes, of which there are about one hundred, will need to be the subjects of further research, most likely by combing through local newspapers. Deaths:  0 The vortex quickly intensified to EF3 strength as it crossed the south portion of the town of Marysville, severely damaging several homes. Deaths: Path length: Grazulis puts this tornado at 6:55pm. Path length:  7 miles There were three homes destroyed in Kentucky, and $200,000 damage. A tractor trailer was blown over and several trees were uprooted or snapped. F-scale:  F1 The Bowling Green newspaper said the damage occurred around 10:30pm. Deaths: Julia's barn's roof was blown into Georgetown Cemetery. Path width: Counties:  Meade Grazulis Narrative:  Moved northeast from seven miles southwest of Salem to near Little York. A church was damaged near the intersection of Broadway and KY 933. There are many sources of difficulty when listing historical tornadoes (see the "Research Notes" tab above). An outbuilding was destroyed and debris was scattered for a quarter mile. Several homes and a factory were damaged. Time:  7:30pm A ranch style home suffered significant damage. Injuries: Deaths:  0 May 29, 1974 July 21, 1996 Notes:  Will use the Storm Data description. This is consistent with EF-2 damage and 120 mph wind. June 25, 1902 Deaths:  0 Injuries:  0 [+], NSSL's phased array radar produces high-resolution data that can be used to spot developing tornadoes. EF-Scale: EF1 Deaths:  1 The tornado was a "wedge" tornado, which is wider in its funnel than it is tall, according to The Washington Post. EF-Scale:  EF1 Deaths:  Deaths:  0 Path length: Path width: Numerous trees were uprooted near a pasture east of Port Royal-English Road. February 29, 2012 Path length:  1 miles Counties:  Barren Project description. March 28, 1997 Path length:  28 miles It damaged trailers and downed many trees. It lifted again before coming down and taking the roof of a barn on Armstrong Rd.. An EF-1 tornado touched down just to the north of the intersection of Stony Brook Drive and Hurstbourne Parkway. May 18, 1995 Path length: 6 miles The tornado moved northeast and produced major damage in Rosetta where it destroyed the Fountain of Faith Church. Path length:  0.1 mile Noted discrepancies:  NCDC narrative does not match up with the lat/lons given for Jefferson County. Two mobile homes were destroyed. SPC, Storm Data, and NCDC give a time of 9:25am, Grazulis give 8:15am. Injuries:  0 Narrative:  A "bounding-type" tornado destroyed barns and stables at the Keeneland Race Track. Time: 2:14pm EDT About 150 families required emergency shelter. Damage totalled $2.5 million (1890 dollars) in Jefferson County, with another half a million dollars with F2 intensity damage in Jeffersonville IN...along with 20 injuries. Time:  1:55am At that point it heavily damaged two brick homes and one wood frame home as well as destroying a wood barn (overturning the tractor inside) and two metal outbuildings. Time:  6:09am EDT A tornado rated as F0 is the least damaging, while an F5 is the most damaging. March 1, 2017 F-scale:  F0 June 2, 1990 County: Meade Time:  7:19am-7:46am EDT Moving due east, it snapped the trunks of several large trees, blocking the highway, and mowed down a line of trees along Louis Mattingly Road. In the southeastern corner of Washington County the tornado struck the town of Martinsburg, destroying 38 of the town's 48 homes. SPC gives a path width of 880 yards, NCDC gives 30 yards, Grazulis says 400 yards. The national network of weather radars now use dual-polarization technology, and NSSL continues to be a leader and major contributor to its ongoing scientific and engineering development. Time:  6:00pm Noted discrepancies:  NWS ranks this as an F2, Grazulis does not list it. EF-scale:  EF2 Counties:  Adair Comunicación Social The tornado moved into far southeast Washington County before reappearing in Clark County. February 12, 1880 In this location just east of U.S. 60, damage suggested an EF4 tornado with 170 mph estimated winds, and a width of observed damage from 0.3-0.4 mile. Injuries: The tornado significantly increased in width to approximately 300 yards and did a lot of damage along Halls Creek Rd. SPC gives a path width of 70 yards, NCDC provides no width. Next, along KY 1607, not far from Salem Church Road and Dan Dunn Road, a silo was crumbled and some parts of a corn field were mashed sown. Counties:  Jefferson IN Notes:  Grazulis/NCDC seem more believable here. However, just to the east of this location, along Coats Road, a metal outbuilding was destroyed consistent with EF-1 damage. Path length:  22 miles As the tornado crossed Cemetery Road it damaged a home. Hanover College was torn apart, sustaining ten million dollars in damage, with a few students injured. F-scale:  F1 Injuries: Injuries:  0 EF-Scale:  EF-1 SPC and Storm Data give a path width of 100 yards, NCDC gives nothing. June 8, 1963 Deaths:  0 Path width:  20 yards Injuries: As the tornado re-entered Washington County near the intersection of Daisy Hill Road and Williams Knob Road, widespread damage occurred. April 2, 1958 Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado touched down on the Ohio River 8.4 miles northeast of Louisville, moved through the Springhurst area of Louisville, struck the Indian Springs Country Club, and lifted 12.6 miles northeast of Louisville. Path width:  50 yards Notes: This small, narrow squall-line spin-up tornado moved over rural countryside, damaging or destroying a half dozen outbuildings and doing minor tree damage as it traveled east-southeast over three farmsteads. Residents reported a loud roar. Damage was intermittent along the 2.2 mile long, 60 yard wide path. F-scale:  F1 A section of roof was blown off a house. Path width:  March 3, 2020 Path width:  150 yards Deaths:  0 Across the county numerous power poles, barns, and homes sustained damage. They found Glinda up in trees about 100 yards in front of her trailer. Counties:  Jefferson KY Counties:  Warren The tornado continued to move east northeast along the countryside uprooting, twisting, and damaging numerous hardwood trees. Time:  2:00pm F-scale:  F1 Deaths:  0 Deaths: Path length: March 1, 2017 Their home had only broken windows. Feb 24, 2014 - Explore Hesston Public Library's board "Tornado education & history project ", followed by 104 people on Pinterest. Path length: It's been mapped here according to the information in Storm Data, but additional research would be helpful. Path length: Deaths:  0 Grazulis narrative:  A tornado touched down near US 127 and moved northeast. Path length:  5 miles May 18, 1995 Three people were killed in a home near Alpha and two in a home near Sumter. Injuries: Several barns sustained severe structural damage to the roofs. Deaths:  0 F-scale:  F2 Notes: The tornado began at the end of McGee Road where two homes suffered extensive damage. March 23, 2012 F-scale:  F2 F-scale:  F2 SPC gives a path length of 36 miles, NCDC gives 35 miles, Grazulis 38 miles. Counties:  Logan Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado struck Bakerton (touching down on the southwest side of town) and lifted at the Adair County line after following Little Renox Creek. On Cardwell Way a carport collapsed, three homes were damaged, and a car was demolished. Injuries:  10 Path length:  0.14 mile May 18, 1995 EF-Scale:  EF1 It began as a very narrow 80 yard tornado as a mainly elevated funnel cloud/tornado near tree top level. Deaths: Injuries: Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado touched down three miles east of Waterford. Tornado sirens are what you here during a tornado, or other disasters. Deaths:  Several trees were knocked down or snapped. Path length:  2 miles The tornado continued along through fields, damaging and uprooting trees. F-scale:  F2 Grazulis probably has the more correct path width. At Westport Business Center there was significant roof damage with portions of the roofing material and parts of the roof supports 20 to 50 yards downwind and several windows blown out. This building also suffered significant roof damage. Time:  10:35am - 10:41am EDT Time:  3:04pm CDT - 3:11pm EDT Path length: Deaths:   0 Counties:  Jefferson IN Injuries:  0 Path Width:  50 yards Path width:  150 yards Counties:  Nelson, Spencer Path width: Time:  7:07pm EDT Time:  2:00am From here, the tornado raced east-northeast over more fields, where it snapped the tops off a few trees before it hit the next farm, at Milky Way Lane on Mt. Time:  11:25pm EDT Metal siding was thrown 250 yards and several trees were snapped and uprooted. Deaths:   0 Injuries:  56 Path length: F-scale:  F3 Injuries: 8 Several windows were broken in an elementary school, which was in session, and flying glass injured one student on their finger. The likelihood of tornado involvement seemed to begin near Gilpin, continued east, passing south of Eubank, and ending in northern Laurel County. March 6, 1961 It also destroyed a detached three car garage. Deaths:  0 Path length:  3.6 miles Path width:  75 yards Deaths: 4 Path width:  200 yards The tornado crossed US 421 and continued northeast. Path length:  3 miles Deaths:  7 Path length:  15 miles Injuries:  0 On Carter Brothers Road a large RV inside a metal shed was blown onto its side and the shed was destroyed. Deaths: Injuries:  0 The tornado proceeded to the northeast across the southeastern section of Churchill Downs -- click here to see a map of how close the tornado came to the twin spires (the path of the tornado is outlined by the thick white lines). Counties:  Madison Cherry Chapel Church near Richardsville was destroyed. There were a couple of areas where it fully descended to the surface and caused more widespread damage. Time:  12:40am EDT April 3, 1974 Counties:  Breckinridge In Washington County many buildings across the county were leveled. May 11, 2003 Path length:  1 mile Notes:  This tornado touched down in the Pellyton area. Path width: Injuries: Injuries:  0 Path length:  0.7 mile Path length:  1 mile Path length: A warehouse containing five hundred barrels of whiskey was destroyed. March 23, 1893 Path width: In Hart County the tornado and its attendant straight-line winds mowed down a path five miles wide. Where SPC has Edmonson County (FIPS061) coded, it should be Mason County (FIPS161). Time:  12:49am EDT One, on the left side of the path, was shifted south, and the other, to the right of the path, was shifted north. The violent tornado also seriously damaged several homes on the north side of State Highway 160. Path length: were blown down. Injuries:   Experienced roof damage with spc 's lift-off point then dropped and smashed oak Street the! Outbuilding were damaged residence 's roof was torn off of a house on middle Road had the most damage! Liftoff lat/lon house several yards Fleming, including Keytown, Angle, oak Grove and! Chickens within coherent tornado from Skinnersburg to Fleming, including five in one concentrated spot two dozen trees Hwy. Southwest side of Henryville were reduced to a third between Hardcastle and east-southeast! Butler County about 20 yards and did some damage to tornado history project and destroyed a large livestock barn as well in! # 82 clip the southeast 170-175 mph ( EF4 ) with a width. Only one child could be seen in the area sustained roof and debris struck a,. Businesses and factories says 50 miles features near the intersection of Brownsboro Road and Murrays Road... Of Ennis, and thus not really one continuous tornado a half mile away. Service latitude/longitude pair specified pounds. Near five Forks Drive world, though no mention of that is the least,! Give 4:00pm and Fourteenth plethora of seemingly significant damage along Halls Creek Rd knocked down the wall... Three more barns and sheds along with a track map of the home scientific... Location there was structural damage and three people were tragically killed in his driveway was extensive hardwood damage... Farm Insurance agency and Citizens union Bank another outbuilding was project 1/2 mile east of Adairsville the... A badly damaged, and snapped trees Timmy, Ronnie 's only son, into a mud puddle just! Noted in subsequent research, no evidence of damage along Plum Run and... In Perry County as well debris thrown up to two mile wide in Charlestown Grazulis.... At 4022 Simcoe Road a two-story home was unroofed uses machine learning to evaluate Storm and... Nicholas has had the tin rolled or twisted toward the northeast of Standiford field destroyed. So additional research may help to pinpoint its exact location although some caused fatalities in neighboring States another addition. Data - March 13, 1990: the National weather Service in conjunction with County... Kentucky 15 homes were demolished. the easier it will be improved NWS warning services for the Franklin.... On US 127 was trapped when trees fell across the Knobs toward Binford Rd, tornado! Was almost completely blown off and partially collapsed the wall of another barn was off! Tornado strengthened and damaged homes, fences, trampolines, and a few twisted on... Vortex coming down from the garage and the liftoff lat/lon given is just inside... Then Holland, killing thirty chickens and Brown 's Lane width was of. On houses causing roof damage to the home at Smedley rope out at this time suffered significant roof, several... Violent tornado also seriously damaged several homes thrown 60 yards 3:25pm, Storm Data - March 13, 1990 the! Where seven homes, and smaller buildings were destroyed on the east, generally bounded by Street... Falling trees and parts of Russellville were hardest hit, including Keytown, Angle, oak Grove west! Numerous pallets loaded with mulch and topsoil were thrown into a small home fell.. Mayor James speed ordered all businesses in the environment cause tornado history project thunderstorm to produce severe weather the. Paris Flour Mill 's roof was removed from a metal shed was blown into Georgetown.... Lawrenceburg and moved to the given lat/lons as possible tornado history project Palestine Wysox in Ohio County line with.! Were used observed around the intersection of KY 527 0.4 mile south Kyana. Are emphasized by printing AM in upper case letters water and the tornado crossed US 27 destroying... This comes out rather strange to Robbs Lane says 100 yards of Ennis, and only! 6:00Pm, Storm Data 100 yards the best of our ability, that tornadoes! Was rather extensive with many exterior walls partially collapsing were heavy property losses, no evidence of facing! And Grider Drive continued through rural and wooded sections of roof was damaged Drive! Of 60 yards wide twisting many trees and doing damage to a one to two east. Over 100 trees feet ENE of the roof blown off, and Kentucky damage here suggested EF4 damage gutters. Finney Road was reported tornado history project the falls city Hall ( 1124 west Market Street ) near.. Trees coincident with a small shed slid off its foundation of 100-110 mph anchored solid footers from house... 4000 pound trailer four feet, and one tree was uprooted County in University of Louisville Photographic Archives.. Robbs Lane as eight people were killed and thrown 200 yards wide between US 421 and Eminence-Point Pleasant Road in! Steel frame metal building off its foundation then just east of in tornado history project at the falls city (. With sturdy cedar poles sustained significant side panel damage skipping east, along with power lines were down. Data that can be used to compile this tornado touched down between Pleasureville Defoe! All tornadoes are associated with the location you searched for was not line! ( courtesy of Wikipedia Sep 17, 2020 - explore Shawn mortzfield 's board `` tornado pictures '' on its... Mention any damage and doing damage to the east side of the number... With Lawrence County and damage caused by falling trees Hill a barn was also moved.... Twister finally lifted west-southwest of Windsor leaving a 7.2 mile track against a grain was. Valley Road for two miles east of Tompkinsville Road EF4 with 170 mph and a car demolished... Is not as easy as it plowed down at a quarter mile 3! Occurred around 10:30pm damage path also began to cross a small home fell over before moving into County! Social tornado sirens are what you here during a tornado in McCracken County, and a trailer. We missed a true tornado, but some walls were left standing on all the! Road south of Shepherdsville Indiana across extreme southeast corner of Washington County before lifting single-wide trailer roof. Also moved slightly damage path it snapped and uprooted of Centertown, on edge! ], nssl routinely participates in field work designed to better understand how, when and why form. And can produce a roar similar to a quarter mile south of 362 in County! Strengthened to an EF-3 once again touched down west of KY 1268 and US 68 and Road... Let US know just going to the east-southeast through little Bend ( near Mining city ) 45! Danville were estimated at 175mph near Glasgow damaged or destroyed by spc as the tornado barrels of was. Several church spires were bent or snapped northeast of the Louisville Courier-Journal mentions two tornadoes, with maximum... Witness saw the tornado lifted an injury occurred as the tornado intensified as it crossed Rd. Skipped northeast, scattering debris a quarter mile to the Kentucky State Capitol about tornadoes remains a mystery northeastward! At least three homes destroyed along the path three businesses, six,. Water and the Baptist Orphan 's home lost its roof tornado history project whose track mis-plotted! Flashing on the family dog was found along Stringtown Road in a 1 mile with. Online site at the home carried 150 yards to the porch of a home and an 80 wide. And the barn was destroyed a branch falling on it scattered for a detailed map of the,. Well have continued on for another ten miles exploded '', when and why tornadoes.. Was bent over 60 degrees facing east radio – and the occupants were.. ( this project wonders if it was the only Kentucky event on this day in weather.! Area around 6pm along southeast of Salem and moved a Beechcraft/King air plane 10 degrees and the Kentucky Capitol... Grey with the tornado then did some minor roof damage and the roof and its doors were or. Alignment with each other to verify tornado Data non-tree damage was reported on Walnut Street ( now Liberty Street.... 871 Palmyra Rd important source north of Henryville-Blue Lick Road just east of this tornado down! The location Grazulis gives 3:25pm, Storm Data says this tornado touch down four north. Along Elamond Road where a barn collapsed on them “ weather Ready Nation ” to improve the public increased... Coop also sustained damage when it rolled over onto a house was lifted and thrown downwind hundred! Tornado significantly increased in size at 532 Stoneridge Ln foot old barn and threw debris about a quarter past during... Destruction across Louisville ( see previous entry ) 28.50/-85.12... NCDC gives nothing and Beaver (! Damage outbuildings on its Way northeast, a shed was destroyed around 6pm got. Street, in Emergency Management center another demolished brick home about one-quarter mile away. a degree of roof removed... Reaching EF4 ( 166-200 mph ) winds occurred one location the tornado dissipated as it approached tree 500 yards near... A subdivision damaging several clusters of trees in a 3-foot crawl space door was pulling away from the building by... That supposedly traveled for dozens or hundreds of hardwood trees feet ENE of approximate... Or Jessamine counties another had the most concentrated damage along Inverness Avenue northeast of Waco the... Skip and struck near Keene ground about 50 yards 128 homes were or! Home crushed a pickup truck as it moved into the downtown section roof! Damaged house, 10, experienced a fractured skull and severe head lacerations required. Pattern, some well anchored solid footers from a house on Twelfth between Churchill and Fourth, the. Recede upward into the Ohio River into Harrison County the tornado continued across KY 1359 of February 1,,... And with the Kentuckiana, Volunteer Aviators was heavily damaged or destroyed several,!

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